Glad She Turned Out To Be My Type

Version 2Part of my high school yearbook treasure hunt yielded this gem from our junior year (’77). This was a full year before our serious friendship began.  Debbie and I took a typing class together for which I recall three highlights:

1.  While the rest of the class used sleek, new “IBM Selectric” typewriters, Debbie used an ancient dinosaur of a machine in the back of the class, the size of the original Gutenberg printing press (see photo below).  When I asked her one time why she insisted on using that monster, she replied (in typical Debbie fashion), “I think its fun!”.  That probably contributed to her lack of progress in the class and why she wrote, “. . .you were in my typing class (even though I never learned to type).”

2.  Ms. Thompson (our teacher) would begin each timed typing test the exact same way by saying, “Fingers in position. . .eyes on copy. . .ready. . .BEGIN!”.

3. And upon Ms. Thompson’s “BEGIN!”, I  would occasionally reach under my desk with my foot and unplug John Sherlock’s typewriter which resulted in some sailor language from him in my direction.  I believe he returned the favor to me several times. But no hard feelings!  John and I ended up as roommates for four years at James Madison University, he was the best man at our wedding, and he’s one of my closest and best friends to this day.

Deb GutenbergAnd speaking of friends, I like how Debbie concluded her entry, “I’m glad you are my friend.  Have a good time over the summer & next year”.

Yes, I’m glad we were friends in ’77 and shared this class.  But reading her words written almost 40 years ago floods my heart with gratitude that God would bring us together a year later during Beach Week ’78 and enroll us in His class, “How To Find Your Soul Mate 101”.  And the first lesson was, “She may not type, but she’s your type”.

“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever!” (Ps 106:1)

One thought on “Glad She Turned Out To Be My Type

  1. Adorable!! I took an equally useless typing class and so this eerily familiar story really made me laugh!!! I love the foreshadowing here of what was to come :-). I also love that your future best man was there with you! Debbie’s words make her sound like such a sweet, unusually considerate teenager! 🙂


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