June 1978 – The Fun Begins!

Deb Senior Year Book   I thought it would be cool to find some memorabilia associated with the start of my relationship with Debbie. That led to an archeological dig in the basement looking for our high school year books, specifically our senior year (1978).  You can read here about how our friendship started the week after graduation in June ’78 during “Beach Week” at Ocean City, MD. After several hours of searching, and finding every other year book EXCEPT 1978, I finally stumbled on both of our copies.  I couldn’t wait to see what we had written in each other’s books, and honestly couldn’t recall if we wrote anything.

The picture below shows how my curiosity was rewarded.  This is what Debbie wrote in my yearbook, probably during Beach Week or shortly thereafter.

My Year Book Debs Entry   She wrote very kind and sweet words, indicative of her own kindness and how our friendship was quickly becoming something special. But what caught my eye today and took my breath away was the “P.S. I Love You”.  This is the first time I saw that, which means she inserted it some time later either during our courtship or marriage, intending it to be a nice surprise for me.  Mission accomplished – what a wonderful blessing!

The picture below shows what I wrote in Debbie’s yearbook, again probably during Beach Week in ’78:

Version 2 I really love the yearbook picture of Deb in her “RM Class of ’78” t-shirt because it wonderfully captures Deb’s sense of humor and zeal for life.  I also love the caption, “Debbie Gifford hopes to be discovered by a talent scout.”  I don’t know if I qualify as a talent scout, but I’m sure glad I discovered in June 1978 what an amazing person Debbie was.  Our lifelong adventure was just beginning, and I look forward to sharing other great stories with you.  Rather than be chronological, the stories will jump around based on what other treasures I uncover during my labor of love going through our 36 years of memorabilia.  I’m looking forward to it, and I hope you are as well!

4 thoughts on “June 1978 – The Fun Begins!

  1. This is SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing these precious and very intimate treasures!! They’re absolutely beautiful!!! Adorable picture of her as well! It’s so sweet to see how quickly you became so important to each other. It’s definitely obvious that you were so special to each other, and truly meant to be. I can’t wait to see what other treasures you might find. I agree that it’s not important to be chronological. When time and space falls away I truly believe you are two souls who are together in eternity. The pieces of what you’ve shared and will share in the future are just little glimpses of that greater eternity 🙂 🙂 :-).


  2. I remember when Debbie returned from beach week and was so excited to have talked to you all night. She was all gushy with feelings for you. I had never seen her so happy, until the day you all were married. She just wouldn’t let me tell her brothers. She knew they would tease her. We shared so many “girl” moments over the years.


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